our commitment: Since the year 2000, fast fashion has rapidly taken over the industry causing immeasurable harm to the wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants.   Here at Gomez-Gracia, we recognise the negative effects of the fashion world. We are actively committed to combating this shift in the industry through our sustainability efforts, so when you shop with us, you can feel good about looking great.
fast fashion facts: 7 is the average number of times a piece of clothing is worn before being thrown away. The Human Rights Watch reports that less than 2% of garment workers earn a living wage. The World Bank estimates the fashion industry accounts for almost 20% of total annual industrial water pollution. One out of five of the 100 billion items of clothing manufactured every year are not sold, go to waste, and are often burned.


Re-Loved Program: The repair and life extension of our pre-loved pieces, learn more.EcoCart: Empowering you to help others while shopping with us.our initativesVintage: Runway, one-of-a-kind pieces at sample sale prices, shop now.Fabric Shop: Our exclusive, designer fabrics made available to you, shop now.



We create clothes to last. Our classic pieces are of the highest quality and outlive trends. We design playful, elegant fashion that you will fall in love with. 

Love lasts, and our hope is that your love of our pieces will make them forever staples in your wardrobe. The combination of our handcrafted, tailor-made service and timeless designs, will extend the lifetime of your purchases, making them generational pieces. Pass them on to your children and not only give them a second life but also save them from the death sentence of the landfill pile.


We collaborate with our global partners and local British artisan to create garments with beautiful, high-quality materials you can feel good about wearing. Our ISO 9000 certified partner in India specializes in embroidered fabrics with incredible custom detailing. This certification ensures importance is placed on quality, not mass production, by a knowledgeable and cared for staff. In addition to the expert craftsmanship in India, we also work with small local businesses. We value our relationships with our suppliers, and many offer us exclusive, luxury fabrics that you will find nowhere else.


When it comes to materials, we only purchase what we need, eliminating excess stock. We prioritize sourcing as much as we can domestically to reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, any leftover textiles are upcycled by being reused in our toiling process, or resold on our online shop.


We are one of the few e-commerce brands to offset 100% of its carbon emissions from shipping. We are able to accomplish this through our partnership with EcoCart. This partnership benefits the Honduras Cookstoves Project, which helps save the planet by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. By ridding homes of smoke and saving money and time, we are improving the lives of Honduran families. Learn more here

MIR (Mission International Rescue) Charities in Santo Domingo is a non-profit organization we have collaborated with. MIR provides a large range of social services uplifting underprivileged women, youth, and children of La Romana and the eastern region of the Dominican Republic. 

Other charitable organizations we’ve partnered with in the past include the American Heart Association, Alzheimer's Association, and SHUZZ, a non-profit foundation providing new shoes to children in poverty.


We believe in challenging the norms of the fashion industry work culture and creating a lower stress work environment, prioritising the respect and value of every member of our team, partners, and suppliers. We are changing the speed of the industry and the culture surrounding it by implementing a slower ethos. By designing and releasing fewer, but more thought-out collections, we ensure they are exquisitely perfected without compromising our core values. In and outside of our atelier we are committed to celebrating and uplifting everyone who makes the Gomez-Gracia brand what it is today.