We take great pride in our ability to execute an impeccable fit unlike any other, so our designs look and feel incredible. Our combined years of experience ensure you will receive expert tailoring advice resulting in garments that fit like a glove.



When you select this service, we will tailor the garment to fit to your exact measurement. Whether it means taking in, adding length, or other adaptations, we'll provide you with a flawless fit moulded to your body by hand. If ordering online, custom tailoring services are still fully available to you. Simply send us your measurements through email, or by clicking the 'Questions or Customisations' box on any product page.  For a complimentary consultation, book here.


After receiving your measurements, we'll create and ship a toile. A toile is a prototype or fitting version of a garment so that the design can be perfected based on your feedback. Some women may be up to three different sizes on a single body and may require more tailoring to get it just right. In these cases, we can work with your local tailor to ensure the pinning and requirements are well communicated streamline the process. We'll then make a new toile for an additional fitting. Once you are happy with fit, we'll make the garment in the real fabric, and you'll have your very own customised Gomez-Gracia piece! 


6-8 weeks unless an expedited service is requested. 


In addition to our custom tailoring offerings, we dye many of our fabrics in a wide range of colors and are happy to customize a shade to your palette. If you have any questions about our custom services, please email us.