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How To Make A Hit With The Most Iconic 90's Fashion Trends

90's Fashion Trends


Tartan, plaid, lace, lycra, sheer and silky fabrics made the 90's decade the most versatile of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, despite having a wide collection of contrasting textiles, the style statement was "less is more".

Minimalism and streamlined designs became dominant after the 80's, an era marked by materialism and consumerism. The 90's saw new fabrics showing up, reworking old-fashioned styles to fit the buzzing decade. 

The fashion scene was vibrant with tartan and plaid patterns that added a stylish look to any outfit. Moreover, sheer fabrics were so voguish that one piece could be combined in numerous ways to create groovy day and night looks.

However, despite being similar, plaid and tartan have significant differences; plaid has a crisscrossing line pattern, usually with up to three colours. Meanwhile, tartan has a base colour and three or more variations, like in the classic Scottish kilts.

Plaids, houndstooth, gingham, what's the difference?

Additionally, the 90's were adorned with silky and sheer textiles, offering a soft, sensual feel. Transparencies, silky camisoles, and slip dresses transformed lingerie into sophisticated, sparkling daywear. 

The decade's fashions quickly seeped into contemporary films, giving birth to iconic trends that remain voguish to this day.

Let us show you the awe-inspiring styles from the final decade of the last millennium and how to vamp them up into a fresh look.

Grungy Tartan/Plaid

The charismatic Cher Horowitz in 90's classic "Clueless", dazzled in a yellow plaid mini skirt, quickly becoming an icon of the era. Soft grunge looks matched with warmer tones creating bold yet sophisticated outfits. Moreover, the versatility of these patterned fabrics created timeless pieces that can be restyled in more than one way. 

We suggest giving the 90's soft grunge an elegant twist with our Clueless plaid skirt combined with the sheer lace transparent Pia top. Or, if you prefer a more classic outfit, match our plaid Hepburn culottes with the minimalistic black Foxy top. Give these outfits an extra chic accent pairing them with heeled shoes, and don't forget to pick a matching face mask to finish these stunning looks.

 Plaid skirt and culottes with crepe button front top, lace top and face cover

Goth Chic

The famous black on black Gothic vibe was prominent through the 90's. Bold looks balanced with chic details, made the style streamlined and elegant. Laces and tulles combine with sheer transparencies, creating dramatic and stylish outfits. 

To light up your look with an effortlessly goth chic, we suggest our transparent balloon sleeves pussy bow blouse or the elegant black lace Pia dress. Complete the gothic chic look with a stylish monogrammed or a lace face mask.

Flared Trousers

Flared pants rocked the 90's decade, their versatility making them another fashion icon constantly revamped for modern trends. Some styles age and disappear into obscurity, never to return, but wide-leg trousers keep coming back! 

A must-have in every wardrobe, they have a casual but flawless aesthetic, perfect to create day to night outfits. For a modern update, we suggest pairing our British Invasion lace trousers with our Perspex belt to complete the look. 

 Lace & sheer fabrics paired with flared trousers

Silky Slip Dresses 

Slip dresses never go out of fashion, but they especially made a splash in the 90's with legendary model Kate Moss who was an ardent advocate of this sleek and sophisticated look. With sheer accents and streamlined designs, the silky slip dress certainly lights up any outfit with "less is more". 

Show off a stylish and elegant look with a dash of sensuality with our classic black silk slip dress. And don't forget to match this 90's showpiece with a fabulous face mask and your favorite pair of heels, trainers or for a grungy look, go with boots.

silk satin slip dress

The Bottom Line

Closing out the 20th century, the 90's were a ground-breaking era for fashion. Combining versatile fabrics and styles from past decades with a more minimalistic approach was the template for iconic looks. 

Dare to give your wardrobe a fresh new look with a dash of wow from the 90's for any occasion. We'd love to hear what's the trendiest outfit for you!



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