Meet Yves Bright

Welcome to the Q&A with photographer Yves Bright! Dive into the captivating narratives behind his creative process. Discover how Yves' dynamic life shapes his unique perspective and fuels his boundless creativity.

Q: Breejette mentioned every shot you take is strategically thought out, tell us your vision for the Joshua Tree Campaign?

A: I drew inspiration from Patricia Gomez-Gracia, who approached me with her vision and the perfect location. Casting Breejette as the model was a natural choice, as I believed she would beautifully complement the collection's blend of beauty, elegance, and sensuality. Joshua Tree was the perfect location, a place where desert elegance meets rugged beauty as is the perfect backdrop for a timeless fashion shoot. 

As a photographer, I embrace a blank canvas approach in every shoot, enabling me to capture each moment  spontaneously and every look with authenticity. I generally do not snap a picture which does not represent a genuine moment. The landscape and Breejette' s striking attire served as guiding elements in crafting the narrative I sought to convey. There needs to be a story in every shoot and each image needs to tell that story, even if it is told with one single frame. 

Q: What about Gomez-Gracia resonated that you wanted to portray through your lens? 

A: Patrica Gomez-Gracia is a brilliant artist. Her collection represents every bit of the fabric which makes a women feel comfortable, yet elegant, elevated and sensual. It was important for me to capture the way the garments made Breejette feel. The clothes do not represent who we are but how we feel about ourselves.


Q: Lastly, can you give us some background on how you manage being an actor, pro-surfer, photographer, husband and dad of two?

A: In short, my life's a blend of unwavering passion for everything I love and a commitment to living in the moment. The extended version is a story best shared over a few drinks or more. To distill it, being authentic and cherishing every facet of my life has enabled me to navigate each one with the dedication as if it were my sole focus.

Q: What was your favorite look?

A: Each look was exceptional. While it may sound like the politically correct thing to say, it's honestly the case - I couldn't choose a favorite because each one exuded its own unique perfection. Every ensemble brought out a different facet of Breejette' s persona. The entire collection is undeniably exquisite and elevated, yet it felt like we effortlessly discovered the perfect moments to showcase each piece in all its glory.

Q: What is your philosophy in life?

A: Embrace the lead role in your life's movie; become the director, writer, producer, casting director, and all the key players needed for success. Prioritize self-care to empower your ability to care for others. Cultivate a healthy lifestyle that fosters self-confidence and functional well-being. Spread love abundantly in every moment and every way possible. Extend the benefit of the doubt to others, and be your own life's detective, seeking the silver lining in every situation. Refrain from judgment, and let decisions be guided by wisdom, not ego. Just my two cents.

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